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Services - Maintenance and Repair

 Compactor Connections offers all types of Waste equipment installations

Compactor Connections offers all types of maintenance and repairs for both our equipment and customer owned equipment. We employ service technicians that are experts in our field who can trouble shoot, fix and repair most compacting units. We offer painting, custom installations and aesthetic enhancements as well as mechanical solutions for our customers.

Compactor Connections will provide preventive maintenance checkups during the length of our rental contracts. Periodically we will come out to your site to run and check the machine as it operates. A complete check of your hydraulic system for any loss of pressure or loose fittings will be performed. We will reset of your system and packing pressure back to original factory specs. The electrical panel will be inspected for excessive dirt as well as checking and cleaning of limit switches and contact points. We check for any loose wires and tighten all electrical connections. All moving parts will be lubricated as well as an inspection of all common wear points and the alignment of the packing ram. Compactor Connections will clean the hydraulic strainer, replace the oil filter and change any hydraulic oil as required. The container will be inspected for any damages and welded areas checked for stress or cracks. All safety features will be kept in good working condition and we insure all standards are met. Compactor Connections will create a list of recommended repairs if necessary. No repair work will be done without first obtaining the Customers approval on repairs, parts and labor.

Whether we own the equipment or you own the equipment, we can be there to fix and repair your waste equipment problems!

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