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Waste Management Consulting

Compactor Connections:

With over 20 years in the Waste Management business, Compactor Connections is not only your Waste Equipment Company, we are your consultants for managing your waste. Our goal is to help you reduce your costs and problems of waste removal.

We understand that the Waste Industry is changing and costs for disposal, fuel, metal and other services are increasing rapidly. Our strategy is to offer our clients solutions for minimizing landfill trips using compacting equipment and recycling alternatives.

Compactor Connections offers complete analysis of Waste streams so we can recommend proper waste handling equipment. Our customers can expect up to a four to one compaction ratio when compacting their trash. This means one haul or trip to the landfill verses four saving your company the cost of three hauls! Using compactors also encloses the waste helping with appearance and odor issues.

Recycling is also an alternative to managing your waste stream. We make recommendations based on your trash discharge to capture recycling content. This may be achieved by adding additional equipment to your current disposal method. By capturing recyclable material you are able to eliminate trash that is currently going to the landfill. These materials also have value and many times you can receive rebates for your material or what you use to call trash.

Compactor Connections provides complete installation, rental program, and preventative maintenance program and customer service. We take the management side of the business and put programs in place to maximize cost savings. This also allows you to concentrate on running your business and lets us manage our expertise. It is not unusual for us to save our clients over 40% of their current waste handling cost when utilizing our program. Just call for an appointment and a Compactor Connections representative will help you.

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