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 Compactor Connections offers all types of Waste equipment installations

Compactor Connections offers all types of Waste Equipment installations. We specialize in customized installs including chutes; automated cycling and wall installations (see diagrams below). We understand that each location and installation is different and we make recommendations based on usage, space and customer requirements.

Compactors perform best on concrete pads that are at least six inches thick. This insures the concrete can handle the weight of the compactor and the truck picking it up. We recommend space at least ten feet wide and five feet more than the combined length of the unit, container and the truck servicing the unit. For example, Stationary Compactors with a container may average 10 feet wide by 40 feet long plus. Self-Contained compactors may require ten feet wide by 35 feet long. (See diagrams below)

We understand customers needs to be OSHA compliant and all our technicians are well versed on regulations, electrical and safety when installing and operating units. Compactor Connections does have a representative to do on-site visits ensuring we use best practices to meet your requirements. Compactor Connections is only a call away from evaluating your situation making it the best utilization of space, convenience and safety for your Waste Equipment.

Truck Hoist Dimensions

Truck Hoist Dimensions

Chutes Available

Compactors may be fed via a thru wall chute, dock feed hopper, door-accessed enlcosed hopper, or slide feed hopper.

wall chute dock feed hopper
wall chute wall chute
door-accessed enlcosed hopper slide feed hopper
wall chute wall chute

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