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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a compactor?

There are a number of advantages to compaction:

  • Saves Labor: There is no labor needed to break up boxes
  • Saves Money: Transportation costs are reduced
  • Stops Scavenging, Theft, and Unauthorized Disposal: Sealed containers with chutes eliminate worries about employees sneaking items out of the back, scavengers digging around the container, or the security of discarded, confidential data
  • Odor Control: Odor is reduced with sealed systems
  • Many More: Indoor space needs are reduced, more parking is available outside, rodent problems are reduced, etc.

What is a Stationary Compactor?

Stationary Compactors are the most common choice for industrial use and installation. The Compactor remains "stationary" (bolted to the ground), and the Receiver Box is detached, hauled to the local refuse dump, emptied, returned and reattached. The maximum amount of trash can be disposed of in this manner!

What is a Self-Contained Compactor?

Self-Contained Compactors are mostly used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc, where liquids may be part of the waste. The compactor and receiver box are welded together to prevent any leakage. It also helps to minimize any odors but optional deodorizing units can be attached. The entire compactor unit is hauled to the dump to discard both trash and liquids in the most clean and sanitary way.

What are Specialty Compactors?

Specialty Compactors are used where speical needs are required due to limited space, unusual waste materials or recycle needs. Units with "Pre-Crusher" systems allow material that might be difficult to compact to be disposed effeciently.

What feed options are available?

Compactors may be fed via a thru wall chute, dock feed hopper, door-accessed enlcosed hopper, or slide feed hopper.

wall chute dock feed hopper
wall chute wall chute
door-accessed enlcosed hopper slide feed hopper
wall chute wall chute
What color options are available?
safety yellow u-green emsco green packer green
safety blue national blue blue anchor gray
farm tan m-tan warm brown chocolate brown
safety orange burgundy gloss red

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